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ADHSN ambassador program is empowering students with
skills and tools needed to promote
digital health in Africa

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Important Notice!

Please note that the deadline for the ADHSN Ambassador application is now the 31st of July, 2023.

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Leadership and Skill Development in Digital Health

Unlock your leadership potential and enhance your skills
through engaging experiences, networking with digital health
professionals, attending professional development events,
accessing exclusive opportunities, joining the upcoming
bootcamp, building your resume and cover letter, and earning
recognition and awards.

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Networking opportunities

Networking opportunities with professionals in the field of digital health.

Leadership & Skill Development

Leadership and skill development through various engagements

Professional Development

Access to professional-grade seminars, workshops and conferences.

Exclusive Events & Opportunities

Access to exclusive events and opportunities in the digital health space.

Recognition, Features and Awards

Get positioned for awards, recognition and features.

Resume & Cover Letter Buildup

Opportunity to develop a professional summary that sets you apart.

Ambassador Eligibility

Must be a currently enrolled student in the University.
Must be familiar with MS-tools.
Must be in good academic standing.
Must be passionate about digital health.
Must possess good communication skills.
Must be honest and possess good moral compass.
Must be able to commit at least 4hrs weekly.
Must be a citizen of Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana or Senegal.
Must have a healthcare background but not limited to such.

Your Role in Promoting Innovation
and Transformation


Public Relations

  • Representing DHA at University events, media interviews and at functions relating to digital health

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Event Support

  • Assisting with supporting various educative events about health and well being in your community

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Social media & Content Creation

  • Presenting ADHSN on all social media, creating blogs, vlogs and content that create awareness for the network

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Registration & Orientation Programs

  • Registering and accreditation of the network, and assisting in organizing and facilitation orientation for new students

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Applications end on July 31st, 2023.

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